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Quickly Create ACH and Positive Pay File for Processing

ACH & Positive Pay Files can be easily created for:

  • Consumer Payments and Purchases
  • B2B Payments and Transfers
  • Bank Account Transfers and Consolidation
  • Government Payables and Receivables
  • Employee Payroll and Expenditures

Coastal Software has your ACH processing solution to creating ACH & positive pay files for some of the worlds most popular software including; NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage Software and many other accounting packages. Save time and money with an integrated solution that is customize to fit your business needs.

ACH processing allows your customers to pay for goods and services to your company using their bank account. No more lost payments or delayed mail when you issue an invoice. Customer's have a record of each payment as it will appear on their bank statements. We present an excellent platform for a variety of companies with an emphasis based on web based transactions. We also allow the storage and maintenance of data in a secure environment.

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